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Curated Just For You!

We always recommend seeing quilt exhibits and shows in person when you can. It is so much more rewarding, and it helps support the quilt museums and organizations that we all dearly love. We know, however, that not everyone can make it to every exhibit, so from time to time we share highlights of exhibits we have enjoyed. Think of this page as an inspiration album we're curating for you, our See How We Sew readers.


Iowa Quilt Museum
40 x 40 @ 40

International Quilt Museum
Abstract Design in American Quilts at 50 

For more photos, follow International Quilt Museum on:

Instragram: @internationalquiltmuseum

Facebook: internationalquiltmuseum

For more photos, follow Iowa Quilt Museum on:

Instragram: @iowaquiltmuseum

Facebook: iowaquiltmuseum

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