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Looking Back . . . and Moving Forward

In the early months of 2011, four quilting friends, Christie Batterman, Laura Nownes, Jennifer Rounds and Darra Williamson, decided to explore blogging. Because we all had busy lives and were doing our best to balance careers and families, we decided to work collectively rather than individually. With notebooks in hand and heads filled with ideas, we met weekly at our local Barnes and Noble cafe.  Finding a name was challenging, and we tossed around many options. Oddly enough, we found inspiration in the children’s rhyme “Three blind mice, see how they run.” Somehow “four ladies quilting, see how we sew” tickled our fancy, and so it began.  You can read more in our first post.

Kirsten Hoseman, Laura Nownes, Pati Fried and Julia McCleod See How We Sew contributors

From left to right: Kirsten Hosemann, Laura Nownes, Pati Fried and Julia McLeod

Ten years later, I am the only remaining original contributor. As you know, I haven’t been active for a very long time. Like so many of you, my life demands have changed with weddings, grandbabies and, of course, the pandemic.  I am grateful to Pati Fried who joined us several years ago and now is looking to revive the site.  She asked Kirsten Hosemann and Julia McLeod to join our team.  With their new voices and talents, we have new realms to explore on the blog. They will introduce themselves in their first posts.  Please welcome them and enjoy our new look and our wealth of Ideas, Information and Inspiration.



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