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William Morris - An Arts and Crafts Coloring Book

Happy New Year everyone!

The past 2 months have been a bit chaotic for me. The hubby and I have moved out of our home of 22 years, to do some much needed renovations, including a new art studio for me. Yay! But also, Ugh! So much stuff, so many boxes and soooo much to do. We are slowly getting settled in a sweet cottage nearby, but still living out of boxes. I am determined to carve out a small creative workspace for myself in the next few days. More on that soon. But for now, I am happy to have found a bucket of colored pencils and a coloring book!

As I have mentioned before, William Morris, Liberty London and Indian wood block prints hold a special spot in my heart. I love the line work, patterns, detail and colors. It is my happy place.

William Morris, An Arts and Crafts Coloring Book is such a delight. Whether I am thumbing through mindlessly, or wanting to explore new color combinations for the tried but true originals, it is a wonderful book to pull off the shelf. I thought I would share a few pages with you. There is so much more to this book than just pretty pictures to color.

This has been a mantra of mine for many, many years. In fact, I think I used to have it on my website! It seems so perfectly appropriate for me at the moment, as I choose finishes for my home renovation.

I could gaze at these beautiful drawings all day.

I also like the short write up on the back of the book.

This artwork, called Strawberry Thief will always be my favorite design of all times. I have loved it for years. I was fortunate to find this sweet cosmetic pouch while visiting Liberty London a few years back. I get a tingley feeling every time I see it. I know, that's weird, but true.

There you go - If William Morris said it, it must be true!

Beautiful photography with all the yummy textural details of William Morris textiles.

Gorgeious, right?

And some old photos of a quilt that I made a few years back. I took all my William Morris fabric collection and sewed strips together in random widths. It is king size, and is used on my bed. I love that I can enjoy a little bit of all the fabrics I have collected over the year, all in one quilt.

Right now, this quilt is tucked away in storage, waiting patiently to come home to its shiny, new home.

Have a wonderful week, and may 2022 be all that you wish for.


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