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Welcome to See How We Sew!

Welcome to our new blog, See How We Sew.

We are a “collective” of four experienced craftswomen—Christie Batterman, Laura Nownes, Jennifer Rounds, and Darra Williamson—who share a passion for quilting and other fiber arts.

Among us, we’ve made hundreds of quilts; won awards for our work on the  local, regional and national level; written  and edited numerous best-selling quilting  books, as well as articles about quilting  and quilters, sewing, and home décor for  a wide range of publications; taught quilting all over the US, abroad, and on cruise ships; judged quilt shows; played key roles at a busy quilt shop; designed patterns and continue to own our own pattern companies…even run the editorial department for a major quilt-book publisher. But most of all, we love to sew, and we’re looking forward to exploring new ideas with you!

We hope you’ll join us regularly for great lessons, techniques, and tips; nifty projects and patterns; reviews of the latest books and products; virtual tours of wonderful quilt shops; news about upcoming classes, shows, and museum exhibits that might be in your area; great giveaways; interviews with noted quilting and sewing “personalities,” and oh-so-much more. We’ll even surprise you with a special guest blogger from time to time.

As we start, our goal is to bring you something new, exciting and useful twice a week: on Tuesday and Friday. Once we get rolling, our posts will become more frequent. Since blogs are all about sharing—we welcome your suggestions and comments. Don’t be shy about telling us what you think and what you’d like to see.

So, if you are as passionate about fiber arts as we are, want to keep up with the best and the latest, and think time at your sewing machine is time “best spent,”  join us here at See How We Sew. It’s what we do!

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