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Watch Santa Smile as He Dances Round the Christmas Tree! A New Holiday Pattern + A Special Opportuni

Detail from Santa Smiles Tree Skirt--face details are German glass beads and seed pearls.

My Santa smiles for you! Face details: German glass beads and seed pearls.

Happy Holidays, dear readers! We’re now, officially, amidst the hustle and flow of winter celebrations and rushing about like mad things. I’m adding my bit to the insanity with a Santa Smiles Tree Skirt/Table Topper pattern. I placed a quickie message about it at the end of my last post about Diana McClun’s first and latest quilts, but now Laura’s lending me her Tuesday slot so I can give you more information.

After much hand-holding by an extended community, the tree skirt pattern is done and available for sale on my rosiequilters website as a downloadable pattern. Along the way I had to make not one, but two tree skirts! Which turns out to be a good thing after The Great Christmas Tree Toppling of 2009, when I lost both my tree skirt and a rickety tree stand.

Pattern-J: Santa Smiles Tree Skirts

Pattern-J: Detail Santa Smiles Tree Skirt

Pattern-J: Detail Santa Smiles Tree Skirt

Pattern-J: Detail Santa Smiles Tree Skirt

Blog update (9/22/15): To purchase the complete pattern, go to


Blast to the Recent Past

You’ll remember that my original holiday paper-pieced blocks debuted last Christmas and that I even managed to set the blocks in a table runner before the year ended.

Project-J: Detail view of folded table runner

Pattern-J: December 2013 Quilt Life

Better watch out, better not cry because Santa’s smiling at you!

Pattern-J: Detail Santa Smiles Tree Skirt

A Special Promotion for One Lucky Pattern Purchaser

I’m holding a limited number of the vintage German glass beads that I used to embellish the tree skirt and I’ll give away a full set of the beads for Santa’s face to one random purchaser of the pattern on my rosiequilters website by Sunday, December 15.

Happy Holidays SHWS readers!


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