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Voila! Two easy to make voile scarves.

I love wearing scarves and am so happy that they are in vogue. I have knitted several beautiful ones from baby alpaca and I always seem to find a new one while shopping at some of my favorite stores. Someday I’ll have to count how many I have, or perhaps I really don’t want to know!

Now that our big show is over…more later on that, I felt I needed a creative play day. I brought out the stack of beautifully printed voile fabrics given to us by the generous people at Amy Butler Designs. If you want just a pop of color without adding warmth around your neck, these fabrics are the perfect choice. In fact, they just feel like butter and are much easier to work with than one might imagine.

Beautiful voiles by Amy Butler Designs.

I like the look and feel of both the fluffy scarves and the popular infinity designs so I decided to play with some ideas I’ve had brewing for awhile.

This first one is just a simple infinity scarf (think tube) that is made with two fabrics. I’m planning to make another using four different fabrics.  I think it will be so lovely as the different colors and designs twist around my neck.

Choose two fabrics. Then cut two 10-1/2” x 36-1/2” pieces from each one.

With the right sides together, join two pieces of different fabrics together along a short end. Press the seam open. Repeat for the other two pieces.