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Uncommon Threads – Part II

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

As promised in my last post, Uncommon Threads – Part I

Here is part II of the art quilt exhibit, Uncommon Threads. Grab your cup of tea and get ready for your Wednesdayinspiration!

Yosemite Falls by Vicki DeMeter

White Daisy by Mary Beth Branca

Uehara Garden by Mary Anne Fitzgerald

Zen Bird by Suzi Dillinger

Turbulence by Margaret Winter

Sunset by Margaret Winter

Not Everything is Black and White by Mary Beth Branca

Of Space and Time by Mary Anne Fitzgerald

Portal of Yesterday by Virginia Standley

Sea Turtle by Suzi Dillinger

Stele Tears from Mardin by Ileana Soto

Double Delight by Margaret Winter

In the Garden by Mary Beth Branca

Ice Flower by Sue Harris

Heaven on Earth by Linda Pawlowicz

Habitat Under Fire by Ileana Soto

Grounded Angels by Linda Pawlowicz

Giant City in the Fall by Suzi Dillinger

Bliss by Pat Eyler

34 Pinecrest Ave. by Sue Harris

I hope you enjoyed these beauties as much as I did. Thank you, members of the The Creative Fiber Artists. Your work is beautiful!

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