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Tree Trunks to Bouganvilla – The Quilts are Finished and the Giveaway is a “Challenge&#8

If you’ve been a faithful reader (we thank you all), you’ll remember my September 27th post, which focused on color inspiration derived from two very different photos from Mother Nature, an intriguing tree trunk and gorgeous bouganvilla flowers.  Using these sources as our color palettes, my friend Sally and I challenged each other to make a quilt using the Urban Chic pattern from Artichoke Collection.  It was great fun and we’re both rather pleased with our quilts (both were machine quilted by our very talented friend Elaine Beattie).

Here’s the tree trunk photo:

Christie's tree trunk

Here’s the quilt:

Christie's quilt inspired from the tree trunk.

Here’s the bouganvilla photo:

Sally's bouganvilla plants

Here’s the quilt:

Sally's quilt inspired from the bouganvillas.

Check out the backing fabric on Sally’s quilt – it’s from the Wrenly Collection by Valori Wells for Free Spirit. How cute is that?

Cute backing from Free Spirit - Wrenly.

So, are you ready to take the challenge? Let me know what fabrics you would use as inspiration for this pattern – Mother Nature, theme fabrics, a specific color palette, a holiday (I’ve seen it done beautifully in Christmas fabrics). The ten winners selected will each receive a downloadable version of the Urban Chic pattern. The “challenge” entries must be submitted no later than Saturday, November 12th.  The winners will be announced in our group post Tuesday, Nov. 22nd.

And finally, the winner of the fall batik fabric bundle giveaway from my October 25th post is Gayle Grier. Congratulations to Gayle and thank you to everyone who entered.

Happy November!

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