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The (Not So) Humble 9-Patch

I have been clearing out a few projects in my sewing room the past few months. A lot of them have to do with leftover blocks from block exchanges I’d participated in with my group of quilting friends.  To be specific, a lot of them happen to be 9-patches–in every size and color combo you could imagine. I have come up with some fun quilts from all my leftovers. Now I am just waiting for some cooler weather, so I that I feel like sewing on bindings!



I found a few leftover Ohio Stars that were the same size as my nine patches–sheer luck!

With all these 9-patches floating around my studio, I did a little research on this humble little block. Come to find out, the nine patch design came out of necessity in the Pioneer days. Here is an excerpt that Molly Williams, textile artist, writes in this informative article in Pattern Observer from 2012:

Vintage Nine Patch Postage Stamp Antique Quilt – Cir