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The Appliqué Book Blog Tour and a Giveaway!

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

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I attended one of Casey York’s lectures at Quiltcon 2015 in Austin. The subject was using art history as inspiration for quilt designs. Right up my alley and very thought provoking. So, at this year’s Quiltcon, I had the opportunity to meet Casey and have time to visit with her. She is a lovely person, and so talented and inspiring! I am really happy to share her new book , The Applique Book, with you. It is  full of wonderful quilts to inspire and create, using appliqué techniques in modern quilt designs by Casey and a line-up of talented contributing designers. Here is a peek at some of the stunning photos in the book.


Shards by Casey York, showcasing a technique she describes as free-form appliqué, embracing improvisational elements.


Ginko Bed Runner by Casey York, using raw edge appliqué.


Belle The Squirrel, Circa 1975 by Jennifer Dick using turned-edge appliqué.

Beautiful, right? This is a fabulous reference book to add to my quilt library. I find I am doing more and more appliqué lately. I don’t necessarily start out with appliqué in mind, but somewhere in the design process, I have a visual in my mind, and have to figure out how to create it as an image for my quilt. As with the beach balls created for the pattern, Making Waves

2016-02-26 08.56

It turns out, I am using a few different appliqué techniques to get this one finished! More photos to come soon on my blog, Design. Stitch. Quilt. Blog.  Hoping to finish it this week!

Thank you, Casey, for putting all the techniques down in one place – for me to refer to when needed! The book is a great addition to my quilting tool box!

If you would like to purchase a copy of the book for your quilting tool box, go to: Casey York’s online shop or C&T Publishing.

Or, enter our GIVEAWAY!



The tour runs from March 14 to March 25 and features two posts per day. Be sure to check out the line-up below – there will be some great posts over the next two weeks.!

The Applique Book Blog Tour:

Mon. March 14: Casey York | C&T Publishing |

Tues. March 15: Jenna Brand | (coming soon!) Adrianne Ove/Pink Chalk |

Wed. March 16: Jenifer Dick | Pati Fried |

Thurs. March 17: Shannon Brinkley | Bari J. |

Fri. March 18: Debbie Grifka | Beth Vassalo |

Mon. March 21: Latifah Saafir |

Tues. March 22: Lynn Harris | Kevin Kosbab | Modern Quilts Unlimited |

Thurs. March 24: Rossie Hutchinson | Generation Q |

Fri. March 25: Betz White | Casey York |

Happy Quilting!

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