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Tara Faughnan – Embrace Your Creative Mess!

Several years ago, Diana McClun introduced me to a darling young woman she met in a fabric design course. I remember being immediately drawn to her contagious enthusiasm for quiltmaking. She was young, spunky, and oh-so-cute. She was also the perfect helper to have around while we were making a DVD as she kept us smiling when times became a bit too intense or stressful.

I was delighted when Pati suggested asking Tara to write a guest post for us as I knew it would be something fresh with just a touch of humor. As I sit here looking around my own studio today, I can completely relate to her story. Thanks Tara for reminding me/us not to get down on ourselves for being messy creative types.

Now, please enjoy a peek into the life of Tara Faughnan, quiltmaker, pattern and fabric designer. – Laura

Welcome Tara!

Tara Faughnan

I am a quilter and freelance textile designer living in Oakland, CA. I started to quilt around 2002 or so, using a book my mother had given me as my guide. This book was a reprint of the 1931 edition of 101 Patchwork Patterns by Ruby Short McKim.  I had no idea such things as rotary cutters, plastic templates, freezer paper, etc. existed. I spent many happy weeks tracing around cardboard templates and cutting out my fabric pieces with a pair of scissors. When I told a woman at my local quilt shop how my first quilt was going, she promptly took me over to the wall of rulers, cutting mats, and gadgets and told me she was giving me a discount on all the accessories! Thus began a long love affair with my faithful rotary cutter. I still have her, she’s worn down and a bit squeaky, but she fits my hand like we were made for each other.