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Surprise Package: Look What Quilting Inspiration is Blooming in My Garden

My family tells me I’ve never met a cliche I didn’t like, so in keeping with my attachment to hackneyed phrases I offer this:  check out the great things that are blooming in my garden from a small package. This past Christmas, my dear Mr. Snarky (eldest child) gave me a California wildflower seed collection that we planted according to the directions.  We’ve documented the surprisingly wonderful blooms with photos; I’d say there’s quilting inspiration in the collection.  (Oh yeah, this is my flower-themed post … like you didn’t realize that!)

Now here’s an incredible scarlet flower.  Don’t have a clue what its name is, but the color is delicious. Tilt your screen to get the full effect of the intense saturated color.

How about cobalt blue juxtaposed with white? Sounds like a classic pairing for a quilt to me.

Here’s a pair of rich saffron yellows, starting with the renowned California Golden Poppy…

…transitioning to a multi-petaled number in an equally bright saffron yellow.  Lame gardener that I am, I don’t know what it is, but I like it!

There’s always a surprise popping up in the springtime. This showed up in the front yard one day. It was incredibly tall, dramatic, and nothing like any weed I’ve ever seen. Anyone know what this is? My guess is it’s a gift from the covey of quails that hide out in the adjacent flower bed.

We don’t have green hills for very long here in Northern California, but we love our verdant landscape for as long as it lasts. I know, those of you with abundant rain might scoff, but we appreciate each water droplet because it yields such pretty Springtime abundance.

Facing southeast from Mt. Diablo, Contra Costa County, California.

Happy Mother’s Day to all past, present, and future mothers.  I shall celebrate with my guys and I hope you too will have the chance to spend time with family.

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