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Sunny-Side Up—Vacation Therapy for a Color Addict

I’m a creature of sunlight, so that’s probably why my head’s so easily turned by bright colors. It doesn’t matter if it’s fabric, flowers, or food, it’s the colors that lure me. So it’s no wonder that my souvenirs of a recent visit to my Florida hometown are all about oceanic aquas, swampy greens, and citrusy oranges, pinks, yellows.

Liquid sunshine from Florida.

I’m channeling a serious case of coloritis—alas, not a graceful word for such a joyous affliction. What’s my cure? A dose of color therapy, which I think will result in my making not one, but two quilts with Christie’s block of the month series. At least that’s what I’m anticipating . . . but there’s that year of finishing UFOs still hanging over me. I’ve already started one BOM with a Kate Spain jellyroll so what’s another one?  It’s only March after all.  I can throw another on the pile, can’t I?

Unlike most of my projects, where I jump in and hope for the best, I thought I’d do things systematically and build a color story based on my Florida holiday. Maybe I’ll even pull out my trusty Joen Wolfrom 3-In-1 color tool, which I now know how to use thanks to Laura’s excellent tutorial. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

1.  A  Room with a View, so to speak.

Vacations are tough aren't they? The tropical Atlantic Ocean shows its beautiful aqua waters.

2.  A citrus medley with white and pink grapefruit, blood and navel oranges, and as a special treat, the ephemeral Honeybell–a tangelo variety that appears/disappears from Florida’s produce markets in mere weeks from January to February. Incomparable juicy D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S-N-E-S-S!

Check the middle row for the Honeybell segments with their true orange color and glistening juices.

3.  A drool-worthy slice of “Sunshine” cake from Teapots & Treasures in North Palm Beach, Florida. Despite pitiful begging, the guardian of the recipe would not divulge its secrets. Here’s what I do know:  Fresh coconut-dressed seven-minute-boiled frosting, orange extract for cake flavoring, and finely grated orange peel. (All similar recipe contributions from family vaults gratefully accepted via

A deliciously moist and deeply flavored citrus cake--not too sweet either!

4.  A new fave artist found at Artigras in Abacoa, Florida, Rick Lewis. Yes, the Sunshine State has glorious beaches, but it’s hinterland is a steamy swamp whose haunting beauty and wildlife Rick captures beautifully.

Blue Cypress Lake by Rick Lewis

That’s what I’ve got for color reference, now what stash plunder will capture those colors?

Ooooh! I like this . . . I guess I’m committed now to making two versions of Christie’s Block of the Month!

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