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Simplify – Sew Sensible, Sew Today!

In the past few years I’ve purchased very few quilting books. Maybe it’s because I have a bookshelf filled with books that I’ve barely touched. However, all that changed recently when I found Simplify by Camille Roskelley.  The cover drew me in – who wouldn’t want to know more about this adorable young woman sitting on the cutest red polka-dot chair! Add in “quilts for the modern home” and “use pre-cut jelly rolls, charm packs, fat quarters & more” and I had to look further!

Simplify by Camille Roskelley

The book is a treasure box of eight quilt projects, four pillow patterns, family photos, and Camille’s creative tips for simplifying your life. She describes the different pre-cuts, sewing tools and cutting techniques, piecing basics, and finishing. The photography is charming, and by the time you get to the end, you’ve got a pretty detailed picture of her design aesthetic and her life. With a husband and three adorable little boys, I wonder how in the world she does it!

If you’ve followed my posts over the past months, you know I’m a big fan of pre-cuts, especially the 2½” strips, 5″ squares, and 10″ squares. Most of the patterns in Simplify make great use of these convenient time-savers.

I've never met a pre-cut I didn't like!

Camille and her mother, Bonnie Olaveson, are fabric designers for Moda. Their most recent lines include Vintage Modern (due out in May), Ruby, and Bliss. Their designs have been described as blending trendy with traditional.  I totally agree – they fit perfectly into the fresh look of today’s contemporary quilting. I found Bliss to be irresistible, and featured it (using a layer cake pre-cut), in the cover quilt of my Cherry Marmalade pattern.

Cherry Marmalade pattern made with Bliss pre-cut 10" squares.

To learn more about Camille, visit her Thimble Blossoms website and blog. I think you’ll enjoy them.

Keep sewing and simplifying.

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