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Serendipity Strikes: “Repurpose” a Dress with Fabric Flowers

In the midst of another busy week, I was able to find a few minutes to meet another “on-call project Mom” request…this time from my older daughter.  An upcoming wedding invitation provided the inspiration for this fun project, which grew out of her request to “repurpose” a bridesmaid’s gown that she wore last year.

Just a few simple supplies needed to make these adorable fabric flowers.

The dress is a stunning shade of blue that is perfect with her crystal-clear blue eyes, but its strapless, floor-length features needed some work. I started by shortening the dress to tea length and then used the leftover pieces to make fabric flowers. I must admit I was a bit nervous at first, thinking that the altered dress would never be as elegant as she had pictured it in her dreams. Honestly, making the flowers was the easy part…and the finished dress looks fabulous on her!

Here’s what I did:

For each flower, I cut four fabric circles from the dress’s lining fabric. (I used the lining rather than the outer fabric, as the lining had more body.) I cut the circles 4-1/2″ in diameter, but they can be any size you like. I used a small bowl as a template to get a perfectly round shape. No need to hem the edges; it’s okay if they fray a bit. In fact, they look good that way.

I folded each circle in half, and then half again. With a needle and thread, I took a few stitches through the folds in the corner to hold it secure.

Take a few small stitches to hold the folds in place.

Then I stitched the four units together at the corners to complete the flower.

How cute is this!

I made enough flowers to go all the way across a shoulder strap (which I also made from the extra lining fabric), and then I stitched the flowers to the strap. It was so easy and so beautiful. My daughter couldn’t be happier! Now, isn’t that all that really matters?

Love my flower girl!

I can see fabric flowers added to many different projects: totebags, headbands, sweaters. I can even envision sewing several of them together to make a necklace. Oh yes, how could I forget? I may even try adding them to my next quilting project.

Before I forget, all of us here at SHWS want to congratulate Patti Owen, winner of the giveaway basket filled with some of our favorite piecing notions (and more) from our first group post (July 26). Be sure to check back often and watch for future giveaways.

Happy sewing everyone, and enjoy another week of creativity.

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