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Radically Ruched Roses, a FREE Quilt Pattern!

Original inspiration for Radically Ruched Roses plus a feature in Elle Decor with similar blossoms by Sonia Delaunay

Remember my mathematically themed post from June 24th—The Algebra of Quilting? As promised, I’m offering an “official” pattern for my Radically Ruched Roses quilt today! Just click this FREE Pattern link to find the downloadable PDF.

Here’s your caveat emptor:  As Radically Ruched Roses is not a pattern for sale, I didn’t go all crazy with details like bias-strip and ruching how-tos; just wing it, you’ll do fine.

Google is a terrific resource for instructional videos, but you should know our own Laura Nownes has a bias tape how-to in the works. So check back to see if Laura’s added her video to our library.

Radically Ruched Roses visits the ever-inspiring Florali, a stellar local florist.

Even though I try to be forward-thinking when trolling for quilting inspiration, I do re-explore well-trodden paths as I did with this new rosy quilt. I can’t seem to shed a design aesthetic that a clever Scotsman named Rennie Mackintosh expounded in the latter days of the nineteenth century. There’s so much about the Glasgow Style that I like (clearly the roses!) that I find myself constantly noticing Mackintosh riffs in textile arts and home décor. Plus I keep making iterations of squiggle roses. Why not?  They’re pretty!

If you want to take a look at his aesthetic, leaf through Rennie Mackintosh Inspirations in Embroidery by Scottish writer and needle artist (and jewelry maker, BTW), Dorothy Wood for a terrific look at Mackintosh’s roses, among some of his other well-known design motifs. Not only does Dorothy explore his style, she also offers contemporary interpretations in project form.

Seems like I’m not alone in my Scottish fascination because this week, The Quilt Life blog is taking a trip to Scotland and features an image of Radically Ruched Roses. My original Scottish Rose quilt pattern, which was my first take on a Rennie Mackintosh rose, is available as a pattern in the August issue currently on the newsstands.

Predictably, I close with yet another floral still life. Hey, if someone gives me flowers, as did my friend Laurelle with roses from her bountiful garden, I feel obliged to share the beauty via a photo. Not only heavenly in form, but in aroma as well! Also, take a gander at the Florali website for truly wondrous floral stylings by a talented mother and son duo.

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