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Talk about a getaway! Here's the view we enjoy outside the wall of windows as we sew.

Forgive my brevity; I’m in the midst of packing for an annual week-long  getaway to the Sierra foothills with two of my very best quilting buddies. We do it every year–this is our 10th!–and I’ll be devoting my next post to our adventure. Believe me, we’ve got the organization down to a science. 😉

Along with (tons of) fabric, our rotary equipment, and sewing machines, a key ingredient for a week of sewing bliss is thread.  Here’s a great (that is, easy and inexpensive) solution for storing–and transporting–your thread collection.

The notions give you an idea of the size of my carrier.

I purchased my trusty carrier years ago in the toy department of a large discount store. It’s original purpose was to house miniature (e.g., Matchbox) cars; the multiple “cubbies” are perfect for sorting and storing a variety of spool sizes. It’s see-through, so I can spot what I need quickly. It’s two-sided, so I can store twice as many spools and separate my cotton and silk threads from my rayons and metallics. Best of all, even when full, it’s relatively lightweight, low-profile, and has a sturdy handle for carrying. No more laboring over exactly which threads to bring to a quilting class, seminar, or retreat. I just pop the whole case in the car and I’m off.

Nowadays, you can find a variety of dedicated thread organizers/carriers through sewing and needlework resources (both “brick-and-mortar” and online); crafters’ and hobbyists’ suppliers; and organizing outlets. If you prefer to “think outside the box,” try the toy department as I did; the hardware or sporting goods store; your favorite stop for office supplies; or the housewares section of your local variety store. Carriers intended for different uses will have cubbies of varying sizes, so look around for the one that best suits your “inventory.”

Time to go.

As you can see by the size of the suitcase, fashion is not a priority on this getaway!

‘Til next time, happy stitching!

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