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Purple Haze: Ticking Off Quilt Projects

Hello See How We Sew Readers! We’ve been running hither and thither at the blog lately in our efforts to finish up blog projects as well as our own. April should be the harbinger of two special quilts from us; that is, if we manage to lasso our “ducks” and line them up in a row. I’m hoping we can smash a huge readership number in the next 30 days when we debut our Quilt-Along and a Jennifer Sampou special event:  500,000!

Inspiration-J:  Lupine

My purple haze begins in our backyard wildflower garden–lovely lupine is an early arrival.

For me, March closes with a completed quilt top. I’m waiting for my backing choice to arrive at my local quilting fabric depot,  Wooden Gate Quilts (their new website is in development), and then I can add the finishing touches and cross it off my To Do list.

You’ll recall this quilt from a past post: my love/hate perspective on a quilt-in-the-making. Dear readers, you went above and beyond with helpful ideas for my project in the comments and, again, I want to thank you for your exceedingly pertinent input. You’ll see I did incorporate suggestions.

While I’m delighted my eldest is off to graduate school, I’ve lost my quilt holder and must resort to partial views for now.

The baby crosses are a fun element–there’s a pale pink version in the collection that delivers the barest hint of purple in the second row from the bottom.

Fabric-J:  Echino backing fabric

Here’s a glimpse at my favorite candidate for backing, a Japanese print by Echino. I do have a master plan in which all these elements will co-exist beautifully–at least that’s my hope. I do reserve the right to stuff the finished project in my linen closet if it doesn’t pass muster!


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