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Promises and Possibilities for a New Year

2020 is coming to an end. It seems so appropriate to wrap up the last blog post for this year on the topic of Promises and Possibilities. This was the subject of the second part of last year’s exhibit, Quilting in the Garden. If you missed reading about the first part of the exhibit, scroll back one post or click here. As I mentioned in the last post, the exhibit was to celebrate the work that Laura and my quilt group had created under the instruction of one of our favorite people, Rosalie Dace. In this particular workshop, I think we pushed ourselves to a point of being a bit uncomfortable with our ideas and process. But that seemed to be where the magic happened. The final work is beautiful. Take a look!

Promises and Possibilities: Design in Action with Rosalie Dace

An in-depth study of the raw elements of design, namely line, mark, texture, shape, and color, and how to arrange and organize these elements into a successful composition or design.


Quilted by Kathy August


Paper collage, a tool used to quickly explore design ideas and compositional relationships, was used to generate these quilt block designs. LINE, TEXTURE, NEGATIVE / POSITIVE SPACE & VALUE were the primary design elements explored in the circle-driven compositions.


Created initially as a small paper collage, the design was enlarged for graphic impact.


STRIPE QUILT By Tara Faughnan


One window led to another and Rosalie was helpful in suggesting whether we were on the inside looking out or the outside looking in and encouraged me to keep making windows.


IRONS By Pauline Pearsall


I spent the majority of this workshop pinning chunks of fabric to the wall, focusing more on the visual in my head and not the construction. It felt as if I was somewhere between painting and sculpting, not piecing and quilting. As the piece progressed, I became more and more open to possibilities and added whatever popped into my head at the moment.


COFFINS By Alethea Ballard



The challenge was to play with design, lines and curves – No thinking, just playing and adding color to see what would happen.


MORNING LIGHT by Dale Fleming


ANOTHER SUNSET By Denise Killingsworth

I hand painted the sky and then cut it into strips and flipped the pieces.

So there you have it. Another year, another memory and hopefully another flash of inspiration for all of our readers. I want to thank you for sticking with See How We Sew for these past 2 years, we truly do appreciate your dedication. We were not terribly prolific with our blog posts, but be assured, we are still here – and continue to love quilting and our quilting community just as much as you do. There are some exciting ideas percolating here at SHWS for next year, so stay tuned for some fun changes in our blog.

In another 8 days, we will begin anew with a fresh outlook on life, quilting and all the promises and possibilities in store for us at the beginning of a new year. Laura and I want to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Inspiring New Year. See you in January!

Hugs, Pati

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