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Prepare to Be Dazzled: Here’s the Spring Quilt Market Scoop from the “Gal on the Town&#

Hello SHWS readers, this week I’m delighted to introduce a guest blogger (and a dear friend)—the one-and-only Cyndy Rymer, an extraordinary quilter, designer, editor/author, and teacher. She cruised Quilt Market Kansas City this past weekend as part of a Wooden Gate Quilts scouting party with shop owner Marby Bennett. Our guest blogger is eager to tell you all about the latest industry trends and stars . . . prepare to be dazzled! (Jennifer)

Silk–yum! Strong graphic designs in saturated colors.

First Impressions

Jeff Pellissier of Metropolitan Quilt with just one of his fabulous patterns–click the photo to visit his website.

Ah, Spring Quilt Market . . . so hip and flashy . . . a fabulous three-ring circus. Color, lights, and glitz—oh my! There’s eye candy coming from every direction and then there’s the gathering of famous quilters. It’s a dangerous place for someone like me who suffers (happily) with quilter’s ADD and SOD (shiny object disorder).

Sample Spree Insanity

Tasty treats at Sample Spree

One of our first stops was Sample Spree, where you can buy anything quilt related. Since none of us really need any more fabric, we opted to dine rather than wait on line for two+ hours. There were still plenty of jellyrolls, fat quarter packs, stylish totes, embellishments, and notions for us. Let’s just say I had no fiscal discipline.

Life Is a Circus

I loved, loved, loved Michael Miller’s booth which was done up as a circus tent to celebrate their new fabric line, Pierre’s Famous Traveling Circus. I enjoyed my bag of hand-delivered warm popcorn while Charlene of M.M. showed Marby and me the latest offerings.

Michael Miller’s well-dressed pachyderms–are they the “it” critters stampeding their way into the hearts of quilters? Do the owls know?

Amy Butler’s gorgeous booth showcasing her new Cameo line was the epitome of elegance and grace.

Sublime and elegant Amy Butler–she makes me want to be a better woman!

Life was a beach at booths like Pat Bravo’s Summerlove cottage and Sarah Jane’s adorable Out to Sea set in a ship’s bunk room. Yar, a pirate’s life for me; or, for those who know my passions, a mermaid’s.

Bring me one lobstah dinna, I’ll be at the blue table!

The Big Buzz is Modern

Angela Walters–a machine-quilting diva–struts her stiching talents on a Tula Pink quilt.

How cool is it to see how quilting has slipped into hip. Gen Xer’s and Boomers are surfing the crest of the modern quilting wave. It’s all about boldly graphic fabric design, improvisational piecing, and free-motion quilting. New titles, a debut magazine Generation Q, patterns, fabric lines—the energy being generated will keep the quilt world well lit for years.

Take a look at this gorgeous example of modern quilting. Angela Walters, who quilts for authors/designers Tula Pink and Jacquie Gering (see Jennifer’s recent book review), is just one of the bright new stars in the industry.

Solids in all sorts of juicy, yummy colors are the new superstars (check out Kaufman’s 243 colors). I heard someone say, “I just want to lick ‘em!” Well, maybe not the Shannon cuddle solids—they’re for snuggling.

New Releases From Northern California Designers

Talk about stars, how about updates from my local favorite designers? Verna Mosquera, an appliqué angel, highlighted her new fabric line Veranda along with her newest pattern Secret Garden at a Schoolhouse session. Denise Sheehan’s new quilt and pattern, Graceful Winter, was beautifully displayed at United Notions. Pam Kitty Morning was there, with daughter Frankie McMinnis, to showcase her latest prints. Sandy Klop has an adorable new French collection, A Breath of Avignon, that will be available shortly. Huge kudos to Bari J. for winning the Best Single Booth award.

Back Home

I’m completely re-energized and grateful for the time spent in the presence of such incredible creativity. And lesson learned: All those quilting superstars are very nice people who still have to make dinner, get the kids to school, and make sure there’s milk in the fridge (just like me!).

So what did I do the minute I walked in the door? I started a new quilt, of course, using a jellyroll of solids even though I don’t do solids–can’t wait to get it on my long arm and do some modern quilting.

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