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Part 2–Tara Faughnan Shares Her Quilts

Welcome back to Part 2 of our guest post from Tara Faughnan. A busy quilter, Tara is a member of the East Bay Modern Quilt Guild, works for Michael Miller Fabrics doing in-house textile design work, and is very busy creating amazing quilts that seem to be surfacing here and there throughout the quilting world.

just for fun

Hello again! In the last post I took you on a virtual tour of my studio. You might be pleased to hear that I’ve done a bit of cleanup since then, mostly because I wanted to start on a new quilt of course! And, believe it or not, in order to start the process I do need a bit of calm and organization. It’s usually about midway through a project that things start getting flung about with abandon. The beginning, though, is pretty calm. Sadly, my husband took this photo over the weekend, where I am knee deep in mess again. The (sort of) clean period lasted approximately 10 minutes.

My newest quilt is in the early stages and tacked up on my design wall. Usually, the process follows many changes: I cut fabrics, piece some together, and then I throw it out and start over. I do this repeatedly until the idea catches and I think I’m on to something.  I DO finally get to an end result, which is a finished quilt, all stitched, bound, and ready to share. Many of the quilts I’ve been working on are going to publications somewhere, and otherwise promised to secrecy for now, and so I am limited in what I can show you.  But here is a sneak peek . . .

pic #1

Here are some of the other quilts I’ve made. This little one was made the day before Christmas for my nephew, because who can’t find the time the day before Christmas, right?  I did end up giving it to him in a semi finished state . . . The quilt is a smaller version of one I had just finished, so I used up all the leftover scraps from that project. Rhett’s Quilt (2013)

Rhett's Quilt by Tara Faughnan

This quilt I finished in early December and is titled Modern Log Cabins.  It is in the Spring 2014 issue of Modern Patchwork Magazine.

And, since I’m on a log cabin roll, here are a few more that I’ve made over the years. House Top Quilt (2010)

House Tops Quilt (2010) by Tara Faughnan

This is one of the first log cabin quilts I made, simply titled Log Cabin Quilt (2009).

Log Cabin Quilt (2009)

I tried my hand at Pineapple quilts also. I made this one for my parents, Pineapple Quilt (2007).

Pinneapple Quilt (2007) by Tara Faughnan

I really do love log cabin quilts,  and I have an idea for a new one brewing . . . I hope you do too!


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