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Our New Year’s Gift: An Inspirational Photo Album for Quilters, Stitchers, and Crafters

Where in the world did 2011 go? If your experience has been anything like ours, the days, weeks, and months have simply flown by. To finish off the year, we present a group post, sharing some of our favorite inspirational photos–the kind that suggest lots of intriguing possibilities for quilts and other sewing projects. We hope this little “photo album” serves up some fresh ideas about color, composition, style, quilting motifs, embellishment possibilities…in short, the impetus to jump feet first into a creative new year. 

Christie:  I am inspired by color, from brilliant brights, to serene greens, to a fabulous neutral palette. Mother Nature can be trusted to provide all of them. In the new year, I’m looking to push out of my comfort zone and work with some of those colors that haven’t as yet “called to me.” Who knows? Maybe I’ll find a few new friends along the way!  

Mother Nature with such a beautiful range of greens (well within my comfort level).

A color palette that's out of my comfort zone - something to consider.

We certainly can't limit all color inspiration to Mother Nature!

Jennifer’s rosy inspirations (or, the rose stalker reveals herself): I think I’m having a serious affair with the color pink. Not only do I take inordinate numbers of images of rosy-toned flowers as you see here, I’m currently channeling that rose-colored fever into a seriously PINK quilt I hope to share with our readers in early 2012.

I have no idea how I ended up with such a pretty photo--my luckiest shot ever.

If my neighbor only knew how frequently I stalk her rose garden for photo ops!

Again, another peek at my neighbor's roses, this time bedazzled with raindrops.

Laura: Weekend outings with my husband provide me with a wealth of inspiration. We enjoy hiking, camping, art museums, aquariums, and farmer’s markets. I love the great outdoors.

I enjoyed an exhibit of these mysterious leafy sea dragons at a recent exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Love the colors and textures and power displayed in this image taken in Yosemite National Park.

This inviting entrance greeted me on a recent visit to Filoli Gardens.

Darra: I tend to favor art that suggests, rather than states; that draws you in for a closer look, and provides that “aha!” moment. I love this quality in quilts, paintings, and photographs. It’s a concept I hope to explore in my “year of creativity.”

Wouldn't this make a wonderful, impressionistic-style quilt? Taken in Stourhead, UK, by my friend (and superb photographer) Neil Porter.

I've always been drawn to serene, vertical compositions. I photographed these aspens in Utah last spring.

Everything about this image appeals to me: the colors, textures, play of light...even the long horizontal crop.

BTW, January 1 not only signals the start of a new year, but it also marks our 9-month anniversary as bloggers. We’ve discovered blogging to be an amazingly creative and rewarding experience, and we’re so grateful that you’ve found us. As 2012 begins, we hope that you’ll continue to visit on a regular basis (or, if you haven’t already, subscribe to be alerted when a new post appears) and that you’ll  help us spread the word by telling your quilting, sewing, and crafting friends about us. We promise you lots of inspiration, great projects, super tips, and useful info in the months to come.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy, prosperous, and productive New Year!

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