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Move Over Oprah – It’s a Favorite Thing!

Once in a while I come across a pattern that’s so much fun to make that I become a bit obsessed. One of my favorites is the Little Wallet sewing-card pattern from Valori Wells Designs (  It’s a perfect little gift item that goes together quickly, but can become addicting because of the fun of putting different fabric combinations together. I’ve made at least a dozen and haven’t tired of them yet.

Closed View

If you’re going to give a gift card or cash, tuck it into one of these little gems to enhance and personalize the presentation! Store your fabric punch cards in one – it saves time digging through your wallet at the register. I carry my business cards in a separate one – it keeps the cards from getting dog eared (there’s nothing worse than finding your last business card looks like you used it to scrape gum off the bottom of your shoe). 

Pattern Cover

The pattern directions are easy to follow and it only takes an hour or so to put one together. All you need are fabric scraps, lightweight fusible interfacing, and a snap. I prefer making it with two coordinating fabrics: one for the top flap and one for the bottom, alternating them for the three slots inside. Of course I had to give it my own touch, so I added a fabric-covered button (5/8”) to the top of the flap. To make the button lay flat on the flap, pound (or bend) down the metal loop on the back of the button and glue the button to the flap. Fabri-Tac from Beacon Adhesives is a permanent (washable) glue that works great (I found it at Michael’s).

Open View

Have you made this pattern or do you have another favorite pattern for a gift item? Post a comment on or before May 23rd and tell me about it. Watch for my May 24th post where the winner (selected randomly), will be announced and will receive a little wallet.        Happy sewing.

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