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More Holiday Ideas and Inspiration

Pati's post with all the links to fun See How We Sew projects inspired me to share some holiday projects that I've tried in the past few years. Some of them are specific to Christmas, but the others could be fun any time of year, depending on the fabric you choose. Some take just minutes (really!) and might even be fun to do with kids or grandkids. And, because*pandemic*, I've included a link to my favorite mask pattern, too.

A quilt

Last year, I made a Christmas quilt top based on the Better Not Pout pattern from Art To Heart. I followed the pattern elements pretty closely. Same size, even same basic colors. Some of those elements were what drew me to the quilt in the first place (I especially love the Santa face). For a while, I thought I would leave out a few elements to make the quilt smaller so it could be a wall hanging. Then I ran out of one of the cream background fabrics, so smaller was easier to finish. Finally, I decided I didn't want a wall hanging, so to finish it and make it a more usable cuddle size, I added a ribbon border that wasn't part of the pattern.

I didn't finish the top until after Christmas, so I put it away for awhile. Now I've pulled it back out. I chose a red fleece backing, spray-basted it, and I'm now working on tying it.

Maybe it will be done in time for next Christmas!

My favorite mask pattern

At the beginning of the pandemic, I tried a bunch of mask patterns, as many of us did. This one has been my favorite so far. They are simple to make and fit my family's faces well. The pattern even has various size options. Just last week, I made a couple of masks for a holiday party.

Scandinavian stars

I love these star ornaments -- I've made them in a couple of sizes, both in silk and in cotton, and have kept some and gifted others.

There are lots of tutorials available if you search for Scandinavian Stars. Here is a tutorial with pictures, and here is one with video.

A table runner with prairie points

I was inspired by this tutorial video to make a Christmas table runner with prairie points. I changed the width and length to fit my table. It kind of reminds me of a dragon's tail! Remember, though: be prepared to iron your table runner if you wash it. The prairie points really look better when you tidy them up after washing.

A tree topper

This one doesn't really have a pattern, but it was so easy that I'm sure you could make one of your own!

To make the star, first I printed a large star shape using the "shape draw" feature in Word. I used an old red cashmere sweater that I had felted in my washer and dryer, but you could use any fabric you want. I cut two matching stars and sewed almost all the way around the edge, leaving a hole at the bottom. I used the hole to insert some stuffing, and then instead of closing the hole to finish, I use the same hole to place the star on the tree. Super simple and kind of unfinished-looking, but hey -- it's at the top of the tree and no one can see the details!

Tree pants

A few years ago, I made "Tree Pants" for our tree, based on a pattern by Happy Zombie I found on Sew Mama Sew.

Unfortunately, the Sew Mama Sew site is no longer active, and I can't access the pattern to share with you. I just thought the idea of Tree Pants was fun enough to mention, since, as Happy Zombie said, "not all trees like to wear skirts." It might be time for me to make new clothes for our tree, though, because the tree pants seem to be too small!

One more thing

This isn't a project, it's just a funny thing you'll only find in a quilter's house: an old cutting mat repurposed as a floor protector under our tree!

What's a uniquely quilty part of your holiday decorating? Let me know in the comments.

Cheers to you and yours!


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