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Looking to Nature for Inspiration

I spent the last few days with friends in Lake Tahoe, California at a little quilting getaway. As always, the views were breathtaking.

Lately, I have been looking to nature for interesting patterns and images for inspiration  While in Lake Tahoe,  I found myself fascinated by the color, light and texture around all around me.

Lake Tahoe 3

Layers of texture and patterns.

Lake Tahoe 4

Reflective light.

Lake Tahoe 6

Interesting color palette!

Lake Tahoe 2

A few really windy days took the lake from calm to rolling waves. The lapping waves on the shore began to sound more like the rolling waves of the ocean.

Lake Tahoe 1

Lake Tahoe 5

Bright blue sky, gray textured tree bark, and a bazillion shades of green in the pine needles.



Add the slightest touch of red from the spring buds for accent.

Lake Tahoe2

I’m inspired! If you would like to get a peek at the quilts that I worked on while in Tahoe, visit Pati Fried next week. I will be posting lots of eye candy.

Have a great weekend!

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