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Looking back, planning ahead

As we finish up the old year and welcome the new, many of us like to look back at the list of projects we’ve completed over the past twelve months, and consider new directions for our work.

For myself, I like to flick through last year’s calendar and remind myself of the quilt shows I enjoyed and the workshops I took. Scrolling through my posts on Instagram is an enjoyable visual journal of the year’s creative projects, too.

These were two of my favorite finishes of 2021. I made the same quilt twice but in dramatically different colors. Both use necktie silks and a traditional pineapple block.

January brings opportunities to make plans and set goals. You know yourself best. If this kind of exercise motivates and excites you; go for it. (Sometimes I find myself rebelling against the deadlines I’ve come up with for myself - So I don't over-do the goal setting!) The following suggestions are meant to spark inspiration, not bring pressure to what’s meant to be the enjoyable pastime of sewing and quilting. Pick and choose what might work for you!

Looking Back:

  • Create or update your notes on projects you’ve made - It’s possible you might want to make that quilt again, so it’s good to be able to look up the yardage, cutting instructions, batting and binding details etc.