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Lisa Fulmer – Crafter Extraordinaire & Author of “Craft Your Stash”

Lisa Fulmer
craft your stash book

Craft Your Stash 1
Craft Your Stash 4
Craft Your Stash 3

As I come from a graphic design background, I am always excited to see how artists use print materials to express their style. Let’s just say that Lisa totally rocks in this arena.

Craft Your Stash 2

Not only does she take full advantage of her crafty skills, she also adds personality to  her projects with her tools! Check out her playful round business cards made from a die cut machine–I want some of my own!!!

Craft Your Stash 5

Oh, and did I mention she is witty?

Hoard Your Stash

So now that I have introduced you to Lisa Fulmer, be sure to visit on Friday when we are a stop on the Craft Your Stash Book Tour !

Craft Your Stash Book Cover

See you soon,

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