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Jennifer Sampou Debuts “Shimmer” Fabric Today at SHWS—Fabric Giveaway Too!

Handsome Freddy (last name Reddy, yes, Reddy!) guards our secret project.

Handsome Freddy (last name Reddy, yes, Reddy!) guards our secret project.

Hello readers! Today’s a shimmery day because we’ve got a peek for you into Jennifer Sampou’s latest line from Robert Kaufman Fabrics. Not only that, we’ve made a rather fabulous quilt with selected prints from Shimmer, and we are AGLOW with excitement! Keep on scrolling for all the exciting details . . .

Fabric-J:  Shimmer fabric

We count ourselves lucky that we can host today’s stop on the Shimmer blog hop—Jennifer Sampou is one of our locals and it’s a true pleasure to strut our “collective” creativity with such a pretty line of prints. She’s outdone herself with these pearlescent fabrics that gleam so wonderfully when light shines on them. Jennifer’s keyed in on a trend that’s making its way through interiors and fashion. We’ve certainly experienced our share of chintzy, glittery, metallic, and sparkly textiles at quilt/fabric shops, but these are altogether different fare: think of candlelight, not a slick sheen.

Jennifer’s Giveaway

The color array and print variety are wonderful too. We’ve got a link to the Shimmer LookBook so you can take a gander at the collection. Don’t neglect to stop at Jennifer’s blog while you’re at it and

subscribe so you can qualify for the fabric giveaway (a fabric bundle!) she’s hosting right this very minute. Do not delay! We’re the tail-end of the blog hop, but there’s plenty more wonderful inspiration on the way–backtracking is a good idea too!

Shimmer Blog Hop Schedule

April 1- Robert Kaufman/Jennifer Sampou– announce blog

The SHWS Giveaway

As for our promotional events here, we have a giveaway as well. Jennifer has given us a Shimmer charm pack for one lucky reader. (Many thanks Jennifer!) You know the drill. Leave a comment by Sunday, April 20 answering the following question: Would you rather shimmer, sparkle, or shine? We’ll announce the winner on Friday, April 25. Our Big Announcement! Now here’s our main event to celebrate the launch of Jennifer Sampou’s latest and greatest . . . we’ve designed our very first See How We Sew quilt pattern and are showcasing Shimmer in the sample quilt. As quilt designers, it’s a real pleasure to work with a unified collection of prints and color palette. We had such a blast collaborating on this quilt that we’ve sparked an ambition to make more! And we are, in fact, launching a See How We Sew pattern line.

Achoo! started with fabric swatches.

Our selection of fabrics from the Shimmer array.

Our selection of fabrics from the Shimmer array.

Then, with a partial sketch; quilting tools; a Shimmer fabric delivery from Jennifer; and precious time carved from busy schedules, we set to work. We send our thanks to Cyndy Rymer who came along for the ride and sewed miles of strips on demand.

Hmm, this block reminds me of something . . . what is it? Ooh, you’re right Laura, we’ve built Kleenex boxes! Maybe we should name the quilt Achoo!

Turns out that if you repeat the Kleenex box motif enough and throw in accent panels, you can make a spectacular quilt.

Long-arm quilter Kathy August added mod flair to Achoo! by deploying a grid design across the surface. Her choice of thread was genius:  Kathy turned to Fil-Tec’s Glide™ for a soft metallic-look thread that blended in beautifully with the gleaming Shimmer prints.

Here’s Achoo! photographed outdoors–yes, those are my hands (my usual quilt holder is off to graduate school).

Screen shot 2014-04-11 at 9.44.57 PM

Thanks for checking out the Jennifer Sampou Shimmer Blog Hop! Don’t forget to enter the giveaways!

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