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Introducing Reverse-a-Rulers™, Grrrip-It® and a Giveaway

For the past 2 years, I have had the pleasure of working with Richard Quint of Quint Measuring Systems to develop a new line of rulers for the quilting and sewing industry. Richard’s company has been a leading manufacturer of precision measuring tools since 1995. Since I have always been a stickler for accuracy, this collaboration was a good match for me. When Richard approached me to help with this project, I immediately said that I had pretty high standards and specific requirements for a tool that I would be willing to promote.


I am pleased to say that Richard has provided everything I asked for in this new line of Reverse-a-Rule™ rulers.

1.     Accurate markings with thin and consistent line widths, and clear spaces between the lines for easy placement of the edges of cut strips and shapes assist with accurate cutting.

right cutting

left cutting

2.     All rulers are designed and marked for both right-handed and left-handed cutters.

3.     All rulers are marked with black lines on one side for use with light-colored fabrics, and yellow lines on the opposite side for use with dark-colored fabrics.

2 Black & Yellow together

4.     All corners have a slight curve to prevent nicking rotary-cutting blades while cutting.

5.     Rulers are made from polycarbonate rather than acrylic so they will not break, chip, or crack.

6.     All markings are hot stamped rather than applied with the normal screen-printing process so that markings will not rub or wear off over time.

7. Rulers are made in a variety of useful sizes for both cutting and squaring up finished units and blocks. Squaring rulers include 45-degree-angle markings, and all cutting rulers are marked with both 45- and 60-degree-angle lines.

8. New GRRIP-IT® adhesive attaches to any rulers to prevent slipping. 


I am excited that several of the major distributors have picked up on these rulers, so hopefully you will be able to find them in your local shops very soon. I always encourage you to support your locals first, but if you are not able to find them, I have some available on my website and will be happy to help you.

My two favorite sizes so far are the 6″ x 14″ cutting ruler and the 6-1/2″ x 6-1/2″ squaring ruler. I would love to offer both of these to one of our readers, along with a package of Grrrip-It®. If you are interested in putting your name in the hat, simply leave a comment by end of day May 15th telling me why you would like these new products, and I will announce the winner in my next post on May 21st.

Happy creating everyone!

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