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Inspired: A Quilt Exhibit by Liat Rorer

A few years back, I met Liat Rorer at Hello Stitch Studio in Berkeley. She was newly retired, and had joined as a new member. It was pretty obvious hat she had caught the quilting bug and I was excited to have her as a student in a new course I had just launched at Hello Stitch. The course was Working in a Series, and was a 6 month commitment, meeting once a month, and delving into a deeper exploration of projects and ideas. This was pre-covid, so we were meeting face to face! My hope was to build a supportive and nurturing community. Wow! Did we ever!

Working in a Series began in 2018. We started a new round every 6 months. We had new students join, but most stayed on for multiple sessions, and so over the years it morphed from a class, to a community, to some of my closest friends. During Covid, we began meeting weekly on Zoom, and helped each other stay creative and inspired during some crazy times. I have had the opportunity to watch these textile artists grow and thrive i