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How's It Hanging?

Exploring ways to get your quilts up on the wall.

My quilt guild recently had a virtual retreat. It was way more fun than it sounds, I promise!

45 of us signed up to spend two days together over Zoom, all of us safely working at home in our own sewing spaces. We shared short technique demonstrations, enjoyed a great show and tell, and three of our members gave virtual tours of their sewing rooms.

What struck me most about these studio tours was how wonderful it was to see so many quilts up on the walls of these quilt makers’ homes. One woman’s work must have been in every room of the house!

It’s true; the spouses, family and friends you share your home with might not always be as quilt-crazy as you are. But I’m willing to bet there’s a wall somewhere in your home that’s just waiting for for the perfect quilt.

But here’s the question: How to hang it?

Here’s the run down on some of my favorite methods and products. It’s certain there are more ideas out there - please share your favorites in the comments!