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Hot Off the Press – Quilters’ Travel Companion 12th Edition and a Giveaway!

I don’t know what compels most quilters to seek out every fabric shop, but we do. I used to think it was just me – but now I know better. An absolute must for road trips is the Quilters’ Travel Companion. Published by Chalet Publishing, this book is a comprehensive guide to North American quilt shops, along with quilt show, shop hop, guild, and quilt-retreat facility information. They’re celebrating their 20th year with the 2012-2014 – 12th Edition!

The front cover of Quilters’ Travel Companion – 2012-2014 Edition.

The new edition, which is available now in your local quilt shop, contains over 2000 featured quilt shops, with key information about each shop (address, phone, number of bolts, business hours, specialties, etc.) and a map to its doorstep. Listings are organized by state, and geographically within the state, so ads for close-by shops appear together. A directory of all the state’s quilt shops appears at the end of that state’s listings. Quilt show, shop hop, and guild information is organized by state and time of year. Updates and new information can be found on the Quilters’ Travel Companion website. When you purchase the book and send them your email address, you’ll receive an up-to-date newsletter every six months.

As a quilt-shop addict and lover of road trips, I consider the Quilters’ Travel Companion an invaluable resource. (I’ve purchased the last three editions.) However, it’s definitely time for a new one. Here’s a look at my 11th edition: dog-eared in the front and soaked with a latte in the back. You should see the inside – lots of notes along with the coffee stains!

Audrey Swales Anderson from Chalet Publishing has generously donated a copy of the new edition for our giveaway. To be entered into the contest, post a comment by June 29th and let us know why you need a copy of QTC. The winner will be announced in my post on July 3rd.

Happy travels. 

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