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Holiday on the Central Coast, Part 2 and Building Community in Our Quilting World

And now, as I promised, the second half of my holiday trip to the Central Coast of California. We spent an entire day in Solvang, the Danish Village and had so much to do and see!

images (3)

Everywhere you turned was a picture perfect view.


Solvang was definitely dressed for the Christmas Season.


Every store front had it’s own Christmas tree.


Yes, that really is a thatched roof!

2013-12-02 13.42.06

It was fun to see how each shop business decorated their tree.


Some had a bit more personality than others.


We couldn’t pass up a chance to get a tour of the town on the trolley.


Lovely drivers, don’t you think?


More European architecture. I loved every building.



We finished off with the local cuisine.

images (6)

And some yummy pastries.


What a great day in Solvang! It definitely put me in the holiday spirit.


Pati’s Thoughts on Building Community in Our Quilt World 

As the year comes to an end, one of my favorite local quilt shops is closing. It is giving me time to think about how our brick-and-mortar shops are more than just places to buy fabric and the effect a closing has, not only on the owners, but on our quilting community.

Quilt shops are meeting places for all of us like-minded quilt fanatics to share ideas, catch up with dear friends, and find inspiration for our next projects. They are places for new quilters to learn and grow, and for finding guidance when needed. They are spots for organizations to gather and focus on making children’s quilts or pillowcases for soldiers. Let’s not forget that quilt shops also generate income for their talented and supportive employees; and the wonderful teachers that host ongoing courses and drop-in classes.

I realize that times change and life moves on. I also realize, as our dear Laura pointed out to me, “When one door closes, another one opens.” This is very true. But I am seeing the end of an era for me and friends with my local shop’s closure; and I am feeling a bit melancholy.

I would like to remind everyone how important it is to treasure your community of quilters and support your local quilt shops. The community it builds makes us who we are. The old-fashioned quilting bees weren’t just solo acts. They gathered many quilters, at many different skill levels, and personalities to create, inspire and support each other. I feel the same way about the quilts I have created over the years. When I look the stack of quilts in my sewing room, I am reminded of the class I took for the blue one, the help my friend gave me on the red one, and the blocks I swapped for that scrappy one. They are cherished memories for me. These treasured moments took place under the roof of a brick-and-mortar quilt shop. I wish everyone well that has been affected by this closing. Just watch, my friends, another door is opening for us all.

Happiest of holidays to everyone! Love,

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