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Gotcha Covered! Stitch Up a Stylish (and Easy) iPad Case for Gifting (or Keeping)

I’ve been dragged kicking and screaming into the digital age; I’m much more comfortable in an analog world. I like to keep my technology at a minimum.

Welcome to my analog world, where clocks have faces; books and calendars have pages.

A few years back, when the iPad made the scene, my reaction was typical: “Why would I ever want one of those things?” Then, about six months ago, my husband (a true acolyte of technology) upgraded and offered me his castoff. I’m hooked.

One of the biggest advantages to “the Pad” is its portablility. There are tons of sleeves, cases, covers, and carriers out there, but to me, they all looked so–well, so uninteresting. You can guess what happens next.