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From Hair Bows to Makeup Bags…The On-Call Project Mom

So, because I’m a good Mom 😉 I’ll show you a photo of the project I made tonight. It took about 20 minutes from start to finish. I was surprised and pleased at how quickly it went together. I might even make a few more to give as gifts.

You can customize the holder to accommodate the sizes of the brushes (or pens, pencils, …even art or sewing/quilting supplies). I sewed a ribbon to one side by stitching just between the tape marks shown in the photo above. I added a band of fabric to the opposite side, which I  stitched in place with a variety of “pocket” sections to hold the brushes.

To finish, fold the entire piece in half and stitch all the way around the edges through both thicknesses. Insert the brushes, roll up, and tie with a loose knot or bow.

Tonight the request was quick and easy. I’m just holding my breath for the big one… “Mom, will you make my wedding dress?” Ahhh, the plight of the Mom who sews. Honestly, I wouldn’t change it for anything, and I’m sure someday I’ll miss hearing all these pleas.

In the meantime, I’ll keep on sewing and creating and hope you will do the same.


Click Here to download the Free Pattern or visit our Free Pattern page

ps- Call it serendipity! Just learned that our friend, Lilo Bowman, over at The Quilt Show (Alex Anderson & Ricky Tims) has posted a wonderful article on working with vinyl-covered cotton fabrics today (June 29). Be sure to check it out here.

#makeupbags #vinylcoverdcotton

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