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Finding time, finding space, finding inspiration

My older son and I share a room: his bedroom is also my sewing room. When he left for college in the fall, I rearranged the room a bit, as we both acknowledged that I would be the room's new primary occupant. It’s great – before, my table was on the dark side of the room; now I’m close to the window to take advantage of the natural light. I repurposed some of his cubbies to store fabric, so now I can see it and pet it whenever I want. I have more space, and I don't have to 'close up shop' every night to let him access his bed. Here you can see 'Before' and 'After' views of our space:

(To be fair, the "Before" picture is from 2016. In the intervening years, he had removed the party on the ceiling, switched Superman for the Earthquakes, and settled on a solid color duvet cover.)

Now we'll have to work out how to share when he is home for vacation. I loved having him home for the winter holidays, and didn’t really miss sewing during that busy time. However, the surge in cases due to omicron caused his school to delay students’ return to campus. As he stayed longer, I appreciated the extra time with him, but started to miss having access to my sewing space, both mentally and physically.