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Finding Inspiration

Sometimes I feel like a woman possessed. Really, how did all this fabric make its way into my house?

The new Dr. Seuss fabric collection arrived in the stores, and immediately I thought “this would make a perfect tie for my husband.” He has always worn crazy ties and must have 50 or more. He works with kids…need I say more?

A student in class has a pattern for an adorable oversized totebag and–without thinking twice–I’ve purchased some of the new, vinyl coated cotton fabrics.

I don’t need one more totebag, but isn’t this one cute? Besides it will keep all my supplies dry during the cold, rainy months.

A special event always gets my creative juices flowing. A baby shower for my daughter’s best friend inspired me to make a few of those very popular nursing aprons (aka “hooter hiders”). You can find free patterns and ideas for these online.

My daughter has fallen in love with this super-simple baby quilt, made from a single charm pack.  If I can steal the finished quilt away from her, I plan to teach it in a class called Charm School for Beginners. I can share instructions later if you’d like.

Baby quilt made from one charm pack.

Where do you find your inspiration? Is it a new line of fabric, a pattern, or an upcoming event? Let’s start this blogging journey of ours off right. I have an extra charm pack of the fabrics used in the quilt shown at right (forty-one 5″ squares of the “Bounty” fabric collection by Moda). Let me know if you’re inspired by the fabric and how you might use it. Post a comment here and, if you’re a Facebooker, “Like” us on Facebook – “See How We Sew” by the end of Friday, April 8th, and I’ll randomly select a winner and send the pack to you asap.

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