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Fantastic Fabric Find and Fabulous Food

A little fruit from the Napa Valley

Last Friday my friend Allison and I took a “mini road trip.” Living in Northern California gives us access to more than our share of wonderful places, one of which is the picturesque Napa Valley, less than an hour away. It was a beautiful day with temperatures in the low 70s. Two weeks ago it was over 100 degrees (I’m not a fan of the heat), so I was thoroughly enjoying the sunny skies and cool breezes.

What would our little excursion be without a visit to a quilt shop? There’s a fabulous one in downtown Napa called Quiltmaker.   It’s owned by two lovely women (Nancy and Diane), who keep it stocked with a marvelous collection of fabrics. I found one that blew me away. It didn’t just call my name – it shouted to me! It’s a border print designed by artist Amelia Caruso for Robert Kaufman called Effervescence.

The border is about 9" wide

I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do with it – but it’ll have to be quite special.  One more notable fact to keep in mind about the quilt shop – there’s a Ben & Jerry’s right next door.

After getting several appealing recommendations for lunch (always ask the staff in the quilt shops where to eat) we decided on Bistro Sabor – just a short walk and described as being delicious and fresh. It’s a casual little place offering “contemporary expressions of Latin America’s favorite street food and snacks.”  We both had grilled salmon tacos with mango – awesome and indeed very fresh!  I was so inspired I visited our local farmer’s market yesterday and picked up some tomatoes, pluots and white nectarines. I might make mango salsa this week – and maybe pigs will fly!

The first vine ripened tomatoes of the summer with fresh mangos

Take the time to enjoy a “mini road trip” with a friend – it’s a lovely way to spend the day and you just might find a treasure or two. If you find yourself in the Napa Valley, visit Quiltmaker and Bistro Sabor – guaranteed not to disappoint!

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