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Declare Your Independence! Host Your Own Crafty Birthday Party

Yes, I’ve since fixed my crooked earrings and yes, I did finish that most delicious cupcake made by Kim Butterworth from a Paula Deen recipe.

I live in a male-dominated household these days so every once in a while I’ve got to break into something girly just to keep myself in balance. This year, I decided to throw my own birthday party and so I invited my quilt group to do crafty stuff at our local shop Wooden Gate Quilts—no guys allowed!

It’s really L-I-B-E-R-A-T-I-N-G to host your own birthday party and I absolutely encourage you to dream up some theme or project and put a date on your calendar. We had a blast, plus we made stuff and ate cupcakes.

Setting up the luncheon buffet–the feast decor had to be color coordinated, of course.

The menu was super simple and quilt-shop appropriate:  roasted chicken w/Muenster cheese slices, tomatoes, and lettuce finished with pesto aioli on focaccia, veggies with dip, gourmet potato chips, Arnold Palmers in sippy cups (gotta prevent spills in the quilt shop), and, best of all, red velvet cupcakes!

My blogging sister Darra was the source of the project idea.  A month or so before my birthday she bestowed a postcard-sized portrait on one of our crew as a gift.  I couldn’t help but think that it would be a hoot to do self-portraits following Darra’s method—thus the genesis of the craft-centered birthday party idea.

Perfect fodder for a crafty birthday party project: tiny self portraits done following Darra’s method. Click the image to find Darra’s post detailing her how-to’s.

The plan was that we’d gather on the appointed day ready to learn Darra’s technique and we’d spend the rest of the afternoon socializing, sewing, and snacking—it’s a fabulous combo, isn’t it? Well, there’s the idea and then there’s the execution. Three of us tried portraiture; one of us did a portrait of her cat; while the other one decided to compose a UFO-busting quilt instead . . . there’s always one (or two) who has to be different . . .

Kim Butterworth’s super-glam self portrait–don’t you just love the butterfly wing strapless dress? Click the photo to visit my post on Kim’s quilts.

Here the quickie guide to hosting a crafty birthday party:

  1. A simple menu of non-perishable finger food that is easy to clean up.

  2. A craft project that takes a couple of hours (not days) to complete—socializing will eat into the allotted time so don’t get too ambitious.

  3. A shared supply and tool list so no one is over burdened.

  4. A friendly quilt shop to host the event—it’s essential to find a neutral location where everyone can relax and work unhindered.

Darra’s cat masterpiece–yes, she was one of the party rebels.

That’s it! I’m definitely doing it again next year—my birthday, my terms. It’s a carpe diem kinda thing: go forth and seize your birthday!

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