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Christmas Elf Goes Rogue . . . Get a Jumpstart on Xmas 2014 With Today’s Giveaway

Detail from Santa Smiles Tree Skirt--face details are German glass beads and seed pearls.

This Christmas elf is officially on holiday . . . I’ve baked, cooked, decorated, and entertained; I’ve shopped, packed/shipped, and wrapped; and, best of all, I’ve hugged, kissed, and celebrated with family and friends; and now, I’m officially taking a break for a couple of days!

However, I do know that there are those among us who don’t kick back for a holiday breather and who want to jumpstart Christmas 2014 projects. For those hardy souls, I offer a FREE Santa Smiles Tree Skirt Pattern giveaway opportunity. You have been so supportive of my paper-pieced Santa Claus and Christmas Tree designs and I want to express my thanks to our dear readers.


Blog update (9/22/15): To purchase the complete pattern, go to


Giveaway Details

Leave me a comment by Monday, December 30 and I will announce a winner in the Tuesday post. Here’s  your seasonal question:  What’s your favorite part of the Christmas holiday? To me it’s the teasing and laughter shared on Christmas morning with my sons and husband. Even though the guys are big boys now, we still see the essence of those wide-eyed, goofy little fellas who were so funny and joyful as they tore through their presents. Yes, the humor is more sophisticated now, and I am the butt of jokes for some of my gift choices, but there’s lots of love there and those moments are priceless to us.

My best to you and your families,


Did I mention I'm seriously "flakey"--not sure how to spell that?
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