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Christmas Craft: Better Late Than Never . . . a Holiday Table Runner Finished!

Whodda thunk? I’ve actually completed a holiday table runner with my paper-pieced Santa blocks.  Yes, it’s December 28, but 48 hours or so from Christmas counts, doesn’t it?

It certainly helps to have a close friend with a long-arm sewing machine and a very generous spirit. My dear buddy Cyndy Rymer rescued me when my first machine-quilting effort turned into a disaster. (The less said, the better about that!) We opted for snowy hills and swirlies and now I’m thinking a judicious sprinkling of iridescent beads would be nice as well.

My three Santas and two Christmas trees placed on point and finished with setting triangles ultimately measured 60″, a pretty standard table runner length. However, I wanted 90″ for my dining room table and so I added borders on each side in 15″ increments. Standard table runners measure 60, 90 and 120 inches, thus adding multiple 15″ borders will grow the runner very quickly.

I thought a lot about somersaulting the Santas and trees across the runner’s surface so the guests on every table side could enjoy the figures, but I opted instead for a straight setting because I liked the look better for this version. If I ever did toss the Santas head over heels, then I’d make sure I had a quartet of Santas to hit all four positions.  Hey, I’m a writer, I like completed thoughts.

Photographing ninety skinny inches of table runner is an insane challenge. This view at least gives you a peek at the backside. Just a couple more tiny details including a label and I’ll be ready for next Christmas!

Enjoy the rest of the holidays!

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