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April Showers Bring May Flowers – Fabric Flowers!

I love fresh flowers but I’m not much of a gardener. When I go out into the yard the bugs know I’m coming and instead of running the other way like they’re supposed to, they come up and say hello. I don’t like that. We’ve made a pact – if they’ll stay outside, I’ll stay inside. My local market has beautiful fresh flowers and no bugs. It works for me.

I prefer making fabric flowers with a tool I discovered a couple of years ago -the Clover Sweetheart Rose Maker. I volunteered to demonstrate it at a holiday open house and, of course, it was the night before when I opened the package for the first time. Once I made a couple of practice roses I got the hang of it. The instructions are very well written, and all you need is the tool (comes in small, medium, large), a strip of fabric and a needle and thread. It’s done with very simple hand sewing. I use the large size (rose is approx. 2-3/8″) with cottons from my stash, but any fabrics can be used. Look for the Rose Maker at your local quilt shop, and to view a great 2-part video demonstration, just google youtube sweetheart rose maker (I wish the video had been available the night before my demo).  

Fabric roses in a vase

For a bouquet, insert dry florist oasis into a small vase.  Break a bamboo skewer in half, dip one end into fabric glue and attach a rose. Once the glue is dry, arrange the roses by inserting the skewers into the oasis.

Another idea is to use the roses to decorate gifts. I like to curl ribbon and add raffia for a final touch.

Gift box decorated with three fabric roses

Package Front

These little flowers are fun, easy and impressive. It’s fascinating how a lovely little rose blooms from a simple strip of fabric with a few folds, stitches, and twists.

Who comes up with these things?   

Happy gardening.

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