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April Showers Bring May Flowers…and a New See How We Sew Feature!

As we enter our second year of blogging (still can’t believe it!), we’ve decided to add a new twist to our format. Each month we’ll choose a theme, and each of us will do one theme-related post that month. The “theme” post may be an inspirational photo, news of a new fabric line, a book review, quilt collection, project, tutorial, or maybe even a recipe that relates to the monthly theme. I am excited to see how this idea evolves as we each bring something different to the table. Please enjoy this first post in our May “flower” theme.

I decided to take a slightly different look at flowers, and captured the following photos while on my morning walk today through the local Ruth Bancroft Gardens. These gardens do not have the usual “sweet and charming” look of many popular gardens, but instead are rich with a wide variety of succulents and cacti. I always enjoy seeing how the plant world puts on a colorful display for us during the spring months.  I often find inspiration for a new project from their colors, lines, and textures.

Even spiny, prickly cacti have colorful flowers.

Love this fuchsia and green color combination.

This was one of my favorite photos - one flowering plant overlapping another. Guess I like bright and showy.

What an interesting coincidence! Look at these two Aboriginal prints by M&S Textiles Australia. I just purchased them yesterday at my local quilt shop, The Cotton Patch. I’m so happy that they are carrying these beautiful Australian fabrics . . . and yes, there are several other designs available. Notice any similarities between these prints and the previous photo? Am I just that predictable? What colors, patterns, or shapes show up regularly for you?

I can't wait to start a new project with these exciting Australian prints.

The winner of Christine Barnes’ book is Laurie Spear. Thanks to so many of you for participating in the drawing.

Wish I could hang a basket of freshly picked flowers on each of your doorknobs today as a way of letting you know just how special you are to us. Happy May everyone!

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