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Applique with a Frosted Donut – Delicious!

Frosted donuts - the real deal!

I thought the donut photo might get your attention. Actually, my topic has nothing to do with the delectable edibles in the picture. It’s another of my favorite things – a frosted donut of a totally different kind – thread!!

Superior Threads Frosted Donut - 36 yummy colors

Superior Threads makes this Frosted Donut, a colorful collection of 36 MasterPiece (#50 100% extra-long staple Egyptian-grown cotton) L style pre-wound bobbins, all tucked into a blue rubber bobbin holder. The range of colors is totally gorgeous!

Frosted Donut Label

So where does the appliqué come in? I use the pre-wound bobbins for the blanket stitch on my appliqué projects – not in the bobbin, but on top. With 36 colors to choose from, I can almost always find one in the donut that matches my fabric. It’s very handy, and more economical than buying 36 individual spools of thread! Just pop a pre-wound bobbin onto the spool pin of your machine.

I prefer to finish my appliqué motifs with a narrow, barely visible blanket stitch. I select stitch #45 on my Bernina, narrow the stitch width to 1.4, use a Microtex sharp needle size 80/12, and an open-toe presser foot. In the bobbin (using a regular bobbin), I use a thread color that comes close to the frosted donut bobbin on top – it doesn’t have to match exactly.

Below is a photo of Snips & Snails, a 40″ x 40″ children’s quilt pattern from my company, Artichoke Collection. The design features a combination of simple pieced and applique blocks geared for boys. Sorry about Mr. Turtle’s eyes – I just couldn’t resist the temptation!

Snips & Snails

You can find Frosted Donuts in most quilt and fabric shops. I recently visited the Superior Threads website and noticed they’ve added another donut with a new array of colors in a lavender bobbin holder – Frosted Donut II. Looks tempting….

Until next time – may all your donuts be frosted and your turtles have 20/20 vision.

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