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Anita Grossman Solomon: First Quilt/Latest Quilt

Like many of us, Anita Grossman Solomon’s first quilt was a destination quilt:  a little quilt for her sister’s baby boy. Now, years later, he’s a university student and his aunt is a renowned quilt maker with nifty quilt-construction “tricks” up her sleeve.

Quilt-J:  Anita Grossman Solomon's First Quilt

Anita traced the animal motifs on the themed fabric to make accent appliqué pieces; she then finished each block with satin-stitched edging and hand quilting.

Quilt-J:  Close Up View of AG Solomon's First Quilt

Let’s jump forward a decade or two for Anita’s latest quilt modeled by another nephew—a handsome, strapping young man. Anita is a Manhattanite and so an urban photo shoot is especially appropriate for the debut of her latest exploration of innovative quilt-block building. Stay tuned via Anita’s website for further developments along that front.

Quilt-J:  Anita Grossman Solomon's Latest Quilt

Catch A Live Class With Anita Grossman Solomon

In addition to teaching in cyberspace for Craftsy, Anita will be teaching on land at the American Quilters Society show in Des Moines, Iowa in early October of this year and later in the same month at 2013 International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas;  and over water on a quilter friendly Panama Canal voyage in April 2014 and a Quiltmaker Alaska Block Party cruise in June 2014.  

To learn when Anita may be teaching in your neck of the woods visit her website.

Giveaway Winners Here! Yeah!

Catherine Gunstone has won Anita’s Craftsy class and C.J. is the lucky winner of Anita’s book Rotary Cutting Revolution from C&T Publishing. Congratulations! Our thanks to Craftsy and C&T for helping us spread the word about Anita’s wonderful quilt making techniques.

Until next time, may your stitches be regular . .  .

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