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A “Truly” Easy Way to Mark and Cut Angles

A sign posted on the window of "Quint Measuring Systems".

A sign posted on the window of “Quint Measuring Systems.”

After working with Jennifer on her challenges with the beautiful tree skirt she featured in a recent post, I discussed the issues of angles with my measuring guru, Richard Quint of Quint Measuring Systems. I learned that he has easy-to- use tools called the True Angle® and Wedge-It! which take all the math and guesswork out of marking and cutting any angle, “truly!” Using them is as easy as dialing a number and securing a wingnut.

Have you ever wanted to draw a large circle–one that is larger than a dinner plate or large bowl? Well, I have tried many times using a push pin, piece of string, and pencil. The result is a usually a bit disappointing as the circle never seems as accurate as I would like. Dividing the circle into equal slices or wedges can be even more challenging. In Jennifer’s case, she wanted to feature a pieced block within each wedge, and accuracy was important for all the pieces to fit together perfectly.

A circle can be divided into as many wedges as you like. The only thing you need to remember from your days of geometry is that a circle is 360°. With that number in mind, you simply decide on the number of wedges/slices you want within your circle.