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A See How We Sew Tradition: Our Top 10 Posts for 2014

Inspiration-J:  Xmas Tree

Hello dear readers! Hope the holiday season is  treating you well. We’re enjoying the closing days of 2014, and looking forward to all sorts of crafting and sewing adventures in 2015. You’ll remember that last year we shared our Top 10 Posts for 2013 and we’re establishing a New Year’s tradition by looking at our results for 2014 and sharing them with you.

Like last year, you favor learning about techniques, notable textile artists, and products:

  1. Patterns

  2. Walk Your Stitches Out of the Ditch

  3. 10 Things I’ve Learned From Hanging Out with Candace Kling

  4. Drafting Part 2:  Making an 8-Pointed or Lemoyne Star

  5. Candace Kling, Masterful Manipulator of Fabric & Ribbon

  6. Prewash or Not? Quilting’s Perennial Question

  7. Feeling Frantic?  Check Out These Last-Minute Goodies

  8. Gallery

  9. Soft & Stable:  An Alternative to Batting

  10. Creating Curved Pieced Blocks and Landscapes with Sue Rasmussen

Enjoy the waning days of our Winter holidays and do check back to see what we have in store for 2015!

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