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A See How We Sew Tradition: Our Annual Photo Album of Quilting Inspiration

It’s become a tradition here at See How We Sew to welcome the new year with a photo album of images that inspire us on our quilting journeys. Over the years, thanks to you, our wonderful readers, this has become a popular, much-anticipated post. So here, beginning with Pati, our newest “blogging sister,” are our selections for 2014.

Signature Cropped

There are certain obsessions I have that tend to fuel my inspiration.  If it makes my heart skip a beat, I know it is inspiring. I am forever collecting visuals to draw from when I need to, so I am excited to share a few with you!  As Julie Andrews would say, “Here are a few of my favorite things.”

The incredible textile designs created by Scandinavian architect, Josef Frank.


Joseph Frank Textile Nippon
Joseph Frank Textile La Plata

Joseph Frank Textile Aralia


The bold colors and patterns of hand-painted pottery and tiles.

Meditteranean hand painted tiles -Tunisia
Talavera tiles

Anything from Liberty of London fabric.

Poppies and Daisies

Creative handwork and embroidery, especially of an ethnic influence.

Suzani Embroidery WallHanging

Vintage Ikat Ethnic Folk Print


I am always on the lookout for designs that might translate into interesting quilting patterns. I took the following photos while visiting some of my favorite museums and gardens.