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A Quick & Easy Gift Idea – Pattern Included!

It’s December 6th, and we’re fully into the holiday countdown! Looking for a “quick and easy” gift idea? Today is your lucky day! Dig into your fabric stash, select three fabrics that look great together, and try this cute little pin cushion.


Fabric  1 – cut one 6” square (for the front) and one 5” square (for the back). Cut the 6” square diagonally into two half-square triangles. Set the 5” square aside.

Fabric  2 – cut one 12½” x 1¼” strip

Fabric  3 – cut one 12½” x 1¼” strip

Sewing (all seams are ¼”)

Sew the strips of Fabric 2 and 3 together lengthwise to form a strip-set. Press.

Sub-cut the strip-set into:

  1. 2 – 4½” segments

  2. 2 – 1¼” segments

Cut the strip-set into four segments

Sew the two 1¼” segments together to form a 4-patch. Press.

Sew a 4½” segment to each end of the 4-patch. Press.

The completed strip-set

Sew a half-square triangle to each side of the strip, matching the middle of the triangle to the center of the 4-patch. Press.

Adding the half-square triangles to the strip-set

Trim to 5” square (place the 45 degree line on your ruler along the center seam).

Trimmed and ready to finish

With right sides together, sew the trimmed 5” square to the back square, leaving an opening of 1¾” along one side. Push out the corners and smooth the seams. Press.


Fill the pin cushion with your favorite product. I use Poly Pellets (made by Fairfield, and usually available at Michaels). It’s a weighted stuffing material that’s non-toxic and washable.

My favorite stuffing material - Poly Pellets

Whip-stitch the opening closed and you’re done! You might want to include a new packet of pins with your gift, as we can always use new ones. Darn those elves that come in at night and steal them!

A couple of finished ones!

Remember to take time and enjoy the season!

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