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A New Look for See How We Sew

We have been crazy busy tweaking and cropping the past few days and are happy to present a new look for See How We Sew!

Take a moment to visit the different pages. We’ve made a few new changes and additions throughout the site. We have also been updating the look of our social media sites, so click away, like us and follow along, because we love our visitors!


Tidal Lace Blog Hop Tour

All of this has perfect timing to segway into this Friday’s post – which will be our portion of the blog hop showcasing Kim Andersson of  I Adore Patterns, with her new line, Tidal Lace with Windham Fabrics.  Kim was guest a few weeks back with us. You can read her SHWS posts here and here. She is uber talented and. . . We are so excited to be a part of this!!!!

Want a sneak peak? Here is a beautiful photo by Danielle Collins from the Tidal Lace Look Book created specifically for this line.

Beach005 Photography by Danielle Collins

If you would like to follow along, here is the schedule and blog links.

Tidal Lace Blog Hop Tour – September 15- 23.

Hmmm, I suddenly have an urge to go to the beach.

See you Friday!

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